Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Falling for the fall

Its Wednesday, November 1, 2006. Hallelujah! I am alive and fine, breathing in the fresh crisp cold air..this is fall..
GOD's best palette is for the fall ..somehow more refined than the myriad colors of spring even..atleast to me.
Looking at the great dappled trees where the sun kissed colors are all brushed with deft strokes of GOD ..all amber, fiery orange, deep purple and red even..and the subtle greengray colors..There's this snip in the air...njaan oru kochu kavi aayirunnengil...i wud've written moving poems ....pakshe njaan oru kochu adventurekaari maathram..
Ever people felt like hugging this whole 'prapanjam' for the sheer grandiose beauty? GOD's the artist par excellent!

Great music and colors move me to stillness, awe and sometimes tears...adhe njaan at times kurachu mushy aayi pogum ...with all this awesome sense of beauty around me..
hmmm..if we could get all this colors exactly on nice designer sarees ennu my friendinu thonee poyitundu..i definitely vouch for the designer u?

Maybe all this because my past was in the dusty, polluted Chennai city?
And all this vast clean green green spaces, blue blue and at times firey golden skies are like no other i have seen so far!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Hi! Welcome to Kochukaaryangal..basically kochu visheshangal from avudunnum , Ividunnum pinne kore endeythum...Hope to meet people who can smile, laugh and joke even at themselves once in a while at least.
Pinne...Ende kurachu kaaryangal...finished a most ghostly brunch..ghostly because teh soup was an apparition of vanished into thin air :( or more practically something like that into my stomach..
Diet onnum vellya kaaryam all..anaalum...this was the thinnest lunch..ever :( dunno if i want to continue like this more brunchers/lunches even.