Sunday, December 20, 2009

Karappinu eazhu azhaga

"Karappinu eazhu azhaga"

Crispus: "aano pappa? adhyathe azhagu edhaa? pls paranje pappa, pls pls!"

'surprised' Pappa: endhaa?

Crispus: "Pappa paranjille...karappine eazhu azhagaa ennu, so pappa 1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7, azhagugalum eniku paranju tharenam...ippo enikku 1st aadhyathe azhagu paranju thaa pappa!"

laughing aloud, a nearly cornered Pappa: "edee mole, karappinu aezhu azhagaa, onnum randum onnum illaa"

Truly concerned and now feeling -'let down' Crispus: Pls pappa adhyathe maathram paranjaal madhi, pinne ulla 6 azhagum njaan guess cheytholaam"...

Pappa 'given up' "Sulll" : "aaa, eniku adhyathethu ariyathilla..enikku urakkam varunnu!"

Ennu paranju Pappa immediately saught sharanam in uncalled for sleep right away with the appropriate snore...

the point was crystal clear to Crispus - Pappa KNEW it surely and wudnt tell her..

hmm maybe mummy might know... It sure would make Crispus happy to know she had aezhu azhagu...cant wait to find out what they were in the first place tho!

So off Crispus went to mummy..leaving behind a snoring pappa who perforce had to seek refuge from further probing knowledge enlightening questions from Crispus.

He smiled to himself thinking how mummy was to be Crispus' next victim...

Fast Fww... 76 yrs old now and pappa is yet to tell Crispus what 'aezhu azhagu' is or are...and Crispus still suspects...Pappa knows surely..

Psst..Any chance would u know Karappinu Aezhu Azhagu edhaa ennu?
If u do..pls adhyathe azhagu onnu paranju tharamo?