Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Veetil kulam is there. You should sit by it. Great place, tranquil and i'd like us to sit there some time, what say ache?" Pinne ...the talk was serious stuff moving from mom n dad to teh case pending in court and again to the tharavad..and thats when Ponnu asked ..she was very quiet in asking Kochayn this:
Nalla white mundu..kara illathe mundu udukenam, puthen white VIP bonus baniyan, thalayil oru white eerazha thorthinde thalakettum,..slowly walk towards the kulam...Ok..Ok..ennu Kohcayn kept saying..
Ponnu: "standing at the edge of the silent green waters of the kulam....u are deep in thought"

otte oru chaatam!

"chaadi poyi enikoru thavallaye pidichu tharumo?"


the guy was flabbergasted...

"thamaru povine kondu tharamo ennu aalkaar chodikum, valli..chedi, or pote..even some ela..but thavalayo??..what are u gal?"

kochayn just cudnt get it, waht was this girl? he laughed , laughed and Ponnu waited till kochayn laughed out..she herself laughed..from where and just how such an idea came to her she didnt know...while talking of home, tharavad, kulam and their kochu extraordinarily nice dreams..such an idea...
that was reality lived out across miles...
two dear ones sharing their precious time dreaming of their ordinariness..would GOD bless them soon enough they yearned.

this is the beginning of a story...of Kochayn n Ponnu set somewhere in a modern world..but they yearn for the ordinary things of a long ago golden time...over the mail, over the cell phones, and time stilling talks...they talked into the fabric of a peaceful life.
Join me?


Nags said...

hello crispus :) thanks for dropping by my blog. pleasantly surprised to see you are a malayali :)

i have edited the post to reflect the baking temperature for pound cake. try it out and let me know :)

Mallugirl said...

i just spend time reading all ur posts!! fun!