Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wichi's Special - Pappadam mulagu ittadhu

White thorth tied around his head, mundu madaki kuthi...

" evide.. mulagu idichathu?"
inspecting the stuff : "mmm..ithu pora"- kurachukoodi unaka mulagum, kochulli venam...nallonam chadhakene!" Wichi said this while tearing up the raw pappadam into slivers with his fingers.

Njaan: "sheree". A quick idi later ...with small mathu in the small 'ural'...i show Wichi my work...

Wichi: "ippo itto"..and quickly i swipe out the crushed dry red chilli, shallots and garlic into hot oil....everything is nearly smoking n bubbling and frying up at the same time..

pungent spicy and hot.
a lot of coughing and burning eyes later...

"adipolee alle?"
"mm mmm" ..i say, happily slurping down the last of the white moru from my plate...

Wichi had come home a tad earlier than yesterday after closing shop...even then it was late -11:45 pm...

Wichi: "Endha curry?"..

Njaan: "Erissery"

Wichi swirls the ladle in the bowl and looks at the yellowish liquid and: " thengaa porallo"

Nathoon: "thenga adhu madhi, ippole cholestrol kore aayitunde"

Wichi: "vaaayake ruchiayittu onnum illa...oru eruvum, thengayum illa!"

She went off to sleep in a huff and that left me and Wichi looking at the cold dinner table.
I was sleepy but didnt want to leave Wichi to a solitary dinner that too so late....

It was Wichi's idea to compensate the the 'not-enuff' thenga in the Erissery, by making an instant hot and adipolee side dish...."Pappadam Milagittathu"...truly my Wichi's Special..
its guaranteed to burn and delight any strong palate...

So thorth thalayil ketti, mundu madakki kuthi...
Aangalayum, Pengalum koodi late nightilll oru pappadam milaguittathum, white moru (with lotsa crushed ginger, shallots and green chillies) and Chorum undoo (twas my second give Wichi company ofcourse! ;) )

try out the Pappada Milagu ittadhu- Livens up any meal and also is super easy.

Tear up raw Pappadams ( no appalams wont do) into small slivers (or u cud cut em up with kitchen scissors like i do) - as many as u want

Crush these:- (pref. in a small mortar with pestle)
  • dry red chillies- atleast 4 or 5
  • shallots - 2 small or 1 big - halve them first
  • garlic - atleast 7 or 8 cloves
  1. Heat up oil as u would to fry pappadams.
  2. When real hot..add the crushed stuff and let it fry till golden brown - but not near burnt pls.
  3. add the torn up pieces of pappadam immediately.
  4. The pappadam pieces will fry out instantly - mix it up well so that all the crushed masala sticks to the pappadams.

Ladle out and drain the masala pappadam on kitchen with rice and moru.

family tips:
  • We usually make a huge batch and store it for laters or for tea.. in aritight containers.
  • We add the crushed stuff little by little to be fair to all the pappadam pieces. :)
  • We add lotsa garlic/ dry chillies / shallots according to "appozhulla taste desire" level
  • Best eaten with plain bland curry or best is white moru...Kaachiya moru doesnt get along well with this spicy recipe somehow!
  • Do keep some fruits/ cold water nearby ..."Fayyankara erruvaane!"


Premi said...

glad to see u back - up n up and blogging :)

crispus said...

Thanks for dropping by da.

Saju said...

ith okke olipich vechirikugayayiunno..ith enthayalum ty cheyyanum..eru pora eru poa enn paayunna hubbyk ith enthayalum undaki kodukanam!