Monday, January 16, 2017

Omega 3 dinner

Avacado chappati and Salmon - bell pepper burji- Thats my Omega 3 dinner..i dont like Omega 3 flavor i decided..since three Omega-3's sat on my plate in the guise of mackrel ,avacado and salmon, - i was disgusted. I cudnt stand the smell of one, the taste of the second and both the taste and smell of the third..just How was Crispus suppos'd to eat this stuff...ofcourse all this was stuffed inside chappati, egg and onions...yet i cudnt bring meself to eat the 2nd spoonful..and i was in near tears..

hungry, flab-conscious and again hungry..what was i to do??

i wish i had a cooking genie..who'd make dishes with all the Omegas and the alphas to taste good..and then I cud be perfectly happy n healthy...Instead im trying to coax my flavor overdrive tatebuds to fall in love with the awful tasting 'saayippu' omegas...why cudnt omegas have indian flavors?

Hmmm..pote...i Had to eat something to stop my rumbling stomach ennu paranju,vicharichu cheyaan thudangiyathu...ended up with avacado mashed into chappati flour and then making that salmon, mackerel bell pepper burji. Voila! There i have accomplished a piece de resistance!- All my omegas  perfectly dressed and indianized to taste ! smile, smile smile :)

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